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From the Good Twin Bad Twin Blog Post, March 31, 2012

Warm enough to sit outside on the ferry yet cool enough to snuggle into his chest.
It was our first trip together.
Introductions went over easily. Friends of mine met friends of his, we were all laughing and enjoying our laughter as the only audible sound on the sleepy island. It seemed as if the stars shone just for us and the road and beaches were ours to meander.
 Walking into town with the O’s, I could feel his hot stare at my bare skin, it was warm enough for cowboy boots and short shorts.
The O’s : Jen and Danny and their children Riley and Mason
We didn’t explore the entire island. But we were charmed by the parts that happened upon us.
We had a photo shoot while we waited for the sun to set.
I felt the icy burn of the water.
The long shadows before sunset proved distracting in our shots but this one was delightfully magical. I love that the image captures the action of the subject and the photographer. This picture was my favorite of the bunch. If I could nail that look I’d use it for every shot.
For a little local flair, stop in at The Dumptique and dig through MV’s best thrift store.  If it’s not nailed down it’s free. It’s a recycling program at the Tisbury Dump.
I walked out with a sweet tote bag and a few t shirts. One man’s trash…as the saying goes….

Brian, THE Hot Dog King of Martha’s Vineyard, shows off his finds at the Dumptique.

Bea’s Fabric Shop looked empty and smelled like cigarettes.  But there happened to be a stash of patterns sitting around long enough to make them vintage. Score!

I see short shorts in my future. And a western button up for my gentleman caller.

We met up with the O’s while on MV. Danny O is my best friend’s husband and a seriously inspiring artist. His drill remains to be the most amazing thing to watch. He works the magazines for shades of colors and types of textures and then pieces them together to fill in the spaces of his lined drawings.
Danny O @ Etsy
This dish rack from the Dumptique will be a great way for Danny to display art at the fair and festivals this summer.
“Back to the states” as Brian The Hot Dog King would say with memories of Martha’s Vineyard off season and unseasonably warm.

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